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Means has been launched

The most wonderful stage is when things come to light. As we speak, we're glad to announce that you can participate in testing Means on your device.

Extensive testing is underway and you can take part in it. 'Means', being a revolutionary transport platform is coming to your doorstep.

Download Means App

Or use the web app: Go to

We created Means, your all-in-one transport solution to save fare, hustle, and worries. We have your favorite matatus, taxi service, and car hire solutions for your everyday needs. We've got pickups, ambulance numbers,  rescue services, boat rides, and hiking expeditions all at your fingertips.

Drivers Registration

To register as a Driver on Means, you need to download the 'Means Drivers' Android application which is currently available on Google Play Store. 

Conductors Registration

We've created an elaborate conductors application to underscore the in-journey management of passengers.  The 'Means Conductors' application is available on Google Play Store.

Platform Security

For the Means Ecosystem to be a success, we have taken measures to safeguard your privacy and our systems. We constantly monitor our systems for anomalies as well as malicious users. Our 'Zero Second Chance Policy' safeguards travelers and drivers from individuals who have been reported or are undergoing investigations. 

Terms & Conditions

Privacy Policy


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